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Just one of tens of thousands
of breathtaking documents

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This page documents just one of tens of thousands of documents from the Nuremberg Pharma Tribunal. It is the copy of an authentic letter sent by the bank division of IG Farben to the Bankhouse Delbrueck in Berlin, instructing them to transfer the amount of 400, 000 Reichsmark to the “National Trust Fund”.

This “Trust Fund” was an official account for the Nazi party. The amount of 400,000 Reichsmark translates into tens of millions of dollars in today’s currency.

The letter was co-signed by Hermann Schmitz, the CEO of IG Farben, indicating that the decision to massively support the Nazi party was taken at the highest level of this chemical / pharmaceutical multinational.

This and thousands of other documents, letters and other records, unequivocally documents the close connection between the IG Farben corporation and the Nazi party. When you browse through this online archive of the Nuremberg Pharma Tribunal, and turn page after page, you will notice how the curtain of deception is being pulled away.

Once one understands the devastating influence of multinational corporations on political leaders – then and now – the actions of these leaders are no longer a mystery.

Of course, nowhere in these documents will you read a direct comparison between Hitler and a political leader of today. In many respects, the events of today cannot be compared to the events more than six decades ago.

However, the fact remains that then and now politicians are being brought to power by giant corporate interests as an investment in their future and as “political conductors” of their global economic interests.

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