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Who made this archive possible?

This online archive has been made possible by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting health, peace and social justice globally. Ten years ago, in a public lecture in June 1997, Dr. Rath exposed for the first time a few documents from the Nuremberg trial against the IG Farben cartel.

The reaction of these chemical/pharmaceutical interest groups was indicative of the massive fear that their history would be exposed and the entire records of the IG Farben tribunal would become public knowledge. Over the past decades, the stakeholders of these interest groups in Germany and other lead nations of pharmaceutical drugs have tried to organize a witch-hunt against Dr. Rath. These efforts had the goal of preventing him from publishing further documents about their past, including the crimes against humanity for which they were sentenced.

As his response, after ten years of thorough research, Dr. Rath presents this archive to the world.

Here you will find more information about the work of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

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