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Historic Failures

"IG Farben was Hitler and Hitler was IG Farben"

US Senator Homer T. Bone to the US Senate Committee on Military Affairs on June 4, 1943

Because of the paramount role of IG Farben in financing the rise of the Nazis and the preparation for WWII as a conquest war of global markets, the Nuremberg trial against IG Farben Industries documented on this web site was by far the most important one among the thirteen trials that made up the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

The US prosecution during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals made clear that neither the rise of the Nazis, nor WWII nor the holocaust would have been possible without the financial and logistical support of IG Farben.

Today, more than six decades since the end of WWII, mankind has yet to solve one of the greatest riddles: How come that none of the international organizations that set out to preserve the memory of this war and the holocaust has not pointed their fingers at these historic facts?

Until today these organizations chose neither to publish the important proceedings of the decisive Nuremberg trial against IG Farben nor the tens of thousands of pages of trial evidence connecting this chemical/pharmaceutical cartel to these crimes against humanity.

The United States National Archives

These custodians of historic events provide extensive online access relating to just about any important event in history.

But, inexplicably, the documents about the ultimate responsibility for World War II – the deadliest tragedy in recent history that cost the lives of more than 60 million people – are not published online. Nowhere on the millions of web pages of the US National Archives (www. are these important historic documents made available for the world to see.

We ask: “Why?”

Would the exposure of the role of the chemical/pharmaceutical cartel behind World War II endanger US national security today or expose special corporate interests linked to the current US administration?

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The same is true for the web site of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum at the online resource center of the internationally renowned holocaust museum in Washington D.C. None of the tens of thousands of pages of this important memorial site documents the decisive Nuremberg War Crimes Trial against IG Farben Industries.

Remarkably, some of the other 12 trials of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal are documented on this website, e.g. the so called “doctor’s trial,” but not the trial that provides the answer of ultimate responsibility for World War II.

We have to ask: “Why not?”

What do the curators of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have to lose by teaching the historic facts about the decisive economic forces behind World War II?

The Website of Yad Vashem

In a similar way the website of the central holocaust memorial in Israel does not document the trial of the economic forces that helped to finance the holocaust and that drew the largest economic benefit from it – BAYER, BASF, HOECHST and other corporations of the IG Farben cartel.

Again we must ask: “Why not?”

Is it politically inappropriate to talk about these companies because the post-war German government and the heirs of IG Farben paid billions in financial aid?

The Big Blunder: Harvard University

When there is a cover-up of that magnitude, there is always one piece that reveals a clue to solve these important questions. This clue comes from Harvard University.

In 2003 – six decades after the end of WWII – the governors of Harvard University decided to turn Harvard into an institution pioneering the way to finally reveal the historic facts and publish the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals – including the trial against IG Farben Industries – on the Website of the Harvard Law School for a world audience.

In Press Releases Harvard announced this project with great fanfare:

Immediately thereafter, the entire project was stopped – without any credible reason being given. And Harvard did not bother to even clean up this page for almost 5 years. The website of the much advertised project looks like a construction site:

And there is a revealing sign posted on this construction site: “This website was last changed on July 2003.” In other words, someone at Harvard has made sure that the world gets the message: The work on this important website was essentially stopped the moment the project was announced in the press release!

We ask Harvard University: “Who interfered with the publication of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against IG Farben that you had already publicly announced? Was it the Rockefeller Trust, one of “heirs” of the IG Farben Empire after WWII – which also is one of the principle benefactors of Harvard University today?”

Historic Failures and why we have little time left to learn from them

This website is not maintained by those who wish to nebulize the guilt of the German people or deny the immense crimes committed by them against the Jewish or any other people during their reign of terror. To the contrary, there can be nothing but utmost condemnation of these crimes.

The purpose of this website is to call on the people of the world to go one step further and expose the economic interests that helped to finance the holocaust, those forces that used the hatred against the Jewish people and other ethnic groups as a tool for the psychological mobilization for a war of conquest and those groups that benefited economically from the holocaust. Among those economic interests one name stands out above all: the chemical cartel IG Farben. 

There is a burning reason why the exposure of IG Farben Industries as the economic interests behind WWII is important now.

Today, in October 2007, the world may only be weeks away from another World War deliberately launched by the very same interest groups that brought the Nazis to power and sought to control the world then – the chemical/petrochemical/pharmaceutical investment business.

70 years after the political puppets of the chemical investment business launched World War II, their stakeholders today – namely George Bush (USA) and Nicholas Sarkozy (France) – are openly preparing a nuclear attack against Iran with the deliberate risk of throwing the world into a nuclear abyss.

It was the US Prosecutor in the Nuremberg War Crimes trial against IG Farben, Telford Taylor, who stated in 1947 that if the responsibility of the economic interests behind WWII – namely the oil and drug cartel – would not be brought to the daylight, they will cause even more harm in future generations than the Nazis ever could.

Precisely that is the threat coming from Bush and Sarkozy today.

To warn the world of this development, precisely that is the purpose of this website!

We call upon the U.S. National Archives, the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., the Yad Vashem Center and Harvard University to include these important documents about the Nuremberg IG Farben Trial into their online service.

If these organizations wish, they are welcome to refer their web visitors to this website.

If you, the reader of this website, wish to help spread this information, you can do so:

Write to the organizations mentioned above and ask them to publish this important information online. To contact them, you may use the links below:

Contact the U.S. National Archives here.
Contact the Holocaust Memorial Museum here.
Contact Yad Vashem Center here.
Contact Harvard University here.

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