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A short introduction to this archive

This Tribunal was part of the US and other Allied governments efforts to determine the responsibility for WWII and bring to account those who committed crimes against humanity. Between 1945 and 1948 several of these trials were held in the Palace of Justice in the German city of Nuremberg, hence its name.

The Tribunal consisted of a series of 13 trials, the first one against the “main war criminals” was entitled “The USA, France, United Kingdom and USSR v. Hermann Goering et al.” This trial took place between 1945 and 1946 and ended with long prison sentences or the death penalty for most of the perpetrators.

Interestingly, it was this first trial against the political and military figureheads of the Nazi regime that has been generally portrayed as “The Nuremberg Tribunal.” This is historically inaccurate. Moreover, it has deflected attention away from the real “war criminals” who, with their economic power, had financed the rise of the Nazis and the preparation for WWII.

The Disgraced Managers of IG Farben

Fritz ter Meer (1884-1967)

Otto Ambros (1901-1990)

Hermann Schmitz (1881-1960)

Fritz Gajewski (1888-1962)

Heinrich Buetefisch (1894-1969)

Friedrich Jaehne (1879-1965)

Carl Krauch (1887-1968)

Carl Wurster (1900-1974)

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