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Book cover of "IG Farben"
IG Farben
Book cover of "IG Farben"
The Crime and Punishment
of I.G. Farben

Medical Block, Buchenwald
Book cover of "Devil's Doctors"
Devil's Doctors
Book cover of "Doctors of Death, Part 1"
Doctors of Death, Part 1
Book cover of "Doctors of Death, Part 2"
Doctors of Death, Part 2
Book cover of "Doctors of Death, Part 3"
Doctors of Death, Part 3
Book cover of "Doctors of Death, Part 4"
Doctors of Death, Part 4

Globke – Bureaucrat of Death
Book cover of "Germany's Master Plan"
Germany's Master Plan

Industry and Ideology
Book cover of "The Theory and Practice of Hell"
The Theory And Practice Of Hell
Book cover of "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression"
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression
Book cover of "The Devil's Chemists"
Devil's Chemists
Book cover of "Trading with the Enemy"
Trading with the Enemy
Book cover of "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler"
Wall Street and the
Rise of Hitler

The books and historical papers above have been selected for their historical importance and relevance to the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against IG Farben and are presented strictly for non-profit purposes only.

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