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Danger of a Nuclear War
launched by the Oil and drug Cartel

To stop the exposure of their role behind WWII, the oil and drug cartel and their stake holders were ready to launch WWIII

Since the first publication of this online academy about the corporate background of WWII and its introduction to the world in the “New York Times” on July 20, 2007, dozens of governments, hundreds of government institutions and thousands of academic and corporate leaders from five continents have been visiting this website. Even secret services were among the visitors.

This fact confirms two things: first, this information is rather relevant for responsible decision takers at every level of society and second, it could not be found anywhere else before.

When publishing this website, we were aware that the revelation of this information deliberately hidden away for 6 decades would trigger the harshest reactions of those interest groups that had been growing their global economic and political influence in the shadow of this silence.

Foremost among those interests are the leading pharmaceutical export centers, USA, France, UK, Germany and their political stakeholders. Nicolas Sarkozy, political stakeholder of the Rothschild investment group, and George Bush, political stakeholder of the Rockefeller investment group were under particular pressure: within weeks after the announcement of this website in the “New York Times,” they openly threatened the world with World War III. Under the pretext of fighting “terrorism” they were ready to launch a nuclear attack on Iran.

Thus, it was of great significance that the secret services too had the opportunity to – and in fact did – study the information of this website. Then, in early December, in a surprise move, 16 US secret service organizations unanimously pulled the plug from these nuclear attack plans in the US and France, by informing an astonished White House and world audience that Iran had abandoned its military nuclear ambitions years ago.

Unprecedentedly, George Bush learned about this amazing fact at the same time the media did. This fact is hardly a coincidence. It rather suggests that responsible forces within these secret services knew about the danger of an imminent nuclear attack by the US (and France) and had to make sure that the nuclear trigger was not being pushed in a desperate last move before the hands of the White House would be tied by the impact of this information on world opinion.

Whether the information of this “profit over life” website was instrumental in alarming these secret services to act in such a decisive way and to pull the plug from a US launch of WWIII in December 2007 will have to be judged by historians. We simply note with some relief that the most immediate threat that we had anticipated when publishing this critical information online – the risk of triggering WWIII – has been avoided for now. Of course, this does not mean that the threat is over.

As long as the political stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel through their political representatives have direct access to a nuclear arsenal, the world is in danger.

We trust that the expanding dissemination of this website – especially among responsible decision takers – will continue to be an important contribution to avoid a nuclear holocaust on our planet.

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