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Orchestrating a World Economic Crisis

As discussed in the timeline of events, a nuclear holocaust is the only way for the survival of the fraudulent pharmaceutical investment business. That does not mean that the stakeholders of the pharmaceutical drug cartel are not trying to orchestrate international crises below the level of WWIII with the very same goals – global distraction of the media and public attention away from the explosive information on this website and the criminal past of this cartel. Orchestrating a global economic crisis would be one such scenario.

Immediately after publication of this website in July 2007, we noticed the regular visits of an organization by the name of Fannie Mae that spent an almost equal amount of time studying this website as BASF. We knew that Fannie Mae stood for Federal National Mortgage Association and was a US financial institution. But, little did we know that they were the centerpiece of the sub-prime mortgage business in the USA and even less could we anticipate that precisely this organization, Fannie Mae together with its sister institution Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) would soon become the centerpiece of the largest financial crisis since the 1930s.

What we know today is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were dubious financial institutions operating for years without any accountability. Fannie Mae, in fact, was named the ‘Enron’ of the financial business. What we also know is that these lending institutions are guaranteed by the Federal Reserve board and that the Federal Reserve is not actually a Federal institution but a private club in financial circles controlled by Rockefeller and Rothschild.

And these two names bring us right back to those stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel that inherited the shares of the IG Farben cartel after WWII. And one thing is sure: if there are financial groups in the world who had a decisive interest in hiding the records of the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal against the oil and drug cartel, then it was they.

Based on these facts, we are allowed to ask the following question: could it be that those financial groups that built their current status as the stewards of the world economy have deliberately started to orchestrate a global economic crisis that, with the tools available to them, are being alleviated dependent on how desperately they need public distraction from the criminal past of the oil and drug cartel?

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