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Release of 50 million documents of Nazi crimes

Only 3 months after the publication of the profit-over-life website, CNN and other international news agencies reported the dimension of the cover up: “more than 50 million pages and over 16 linear miles of grey metal filing cabinets” about Nazi crimes.

We welcome the release of these documents after 60 long years of being hidden away in German archives. We do not exclude that the publication of this “profit over life” website has helped to finally turn the locks of the vaults that were hiding these 50 million pages of crimes committed by the Nazi/IG Farben coalition.

While the release of these records is important, a word of caution is in order. The government primarily responsible for locking away these files for more than two generations was the German government, the same authority that ultimately supervises the files to be released.

Miraculously, even before the official release some already know that “the records are unlikely to change the general story of the Holocaust and the Nazi era,” i.e. that a group of Nazi gangsters tried to conquer the world – and the world’s largest chemical cartel, Germany’s IG Farben, were innocent bystanders.

Surprised? Not really. BASF and other IG Farben successors have again become flagships of Germany ’s economy today. Moreover, without the political and financial support of Germany ’s post war oil and drug cartel, neither Helmut Kohl nor Angela Merkel would have ascended to the German chancellery.

So while we encourage everyone to look at these files to be released – don’t hold your breath until you read the word’s “IG Farben”, “BAYER”, “BASF” or any other corporate names of the oil and drug cartel behind WWII.

In light of these facts, we consider it our responsibility to continue dedicating this website to the corporate background of WWII. This exposure of the paramount corporate interests behind global conflicts and wars is a precondition that these interests can never again ignite our planet.

With the words of Telford Taylor we emphasize that, only if those responsible for these unspeakable crimes are being brought to the daylight, will mankind be able to prevent World War III.

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