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The Exposure of the Truth About WWII
is the Only Way to Prevent WWIII

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
George Santayana ‘The Life of Reason

Danger of a Nuclear War launched by the Oil and drug Cartel

Since the first publication of this online academy about the corporate background of WWII and its introduction to the world in the “New York Times” on July 20, 2007, dozens of governments, hundreds of government institutions and thousands of academic and corporate leaders from five continents have been visiting this website. Even secret services were among the visitors.

This fact confirms two things: first, this information is rather relevant for responsible decision takers at every level of society and second, it could not be found anywhere else before.

When publishing this website, we were aware that the revelation of this information – deliberately hidden away for 6 decades – would trigger the harshest reactions from those interest groups that had been growing their global economic and political influence in the shadow of this silence.

Foremost among those interests are the leading pharmaceutical export centers, USA, France, UK, Germany and their political stakeholders. Nicolas Sarkozy, political stakeholder of the Rothschild investment group, and George Bush, political stakeholder of the Rockefeller investment group, were under particular pressure: within weeks after the announcement of this website in the “New York Times,” they openly threatened the world with World War III. Under the pretext of fighting “terrorism” they were ready to launch a nuclear attack on Iran.

Thus, it was of great significance that the secret services too had the opportunity to – and in fact did – study the information of this website.

Clearly, as long as the political stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel – through their political representatives – have direct access to a nuclear arsenal, the world is in danger.

We therefore trust that the expanding dissemination of this website – especially among responsible decision takers – will continue to be an important contribution towards avoiding a nuclear holocaust on our planet.



Following is a timeline of reactions to the publication of this online archive about the corporate background of World War II. You will notice that – sooner or later – all those interest groups and political stakeholders with a vested interest to keep this information out of the public eye identified themselves.

Announcement of this website in the New York Times

Announcement in the New York Times, July 20, 2007.

After years of research into the corporate background of World War II and the critical role of IG Farben, we were able to announce this online academy to the people of the world.

Because of the objective necessity for political decision takers and world leaders to get immediate access to this information, we chose the New York Times as the place for this announcement. With New York being the seat of the United Nations, this information could reach the corners of the world almost instantly. As the date for this public announcement, we choose July 20, the anniversary of the failed assassination attempt on Hitler by Claus von Stauffenberg and his group in 1944.

The Heirs of IG Farben in Shock

Immediately after publication of this website, the world’s largest chemical company, BASF, spent many hours on this online academy about the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal against IG Farben. We did not understand this eagerness of BASF; after all, the original records of this trial should be in the BASF home archive. BASF, you may recall, was one of the members of the infamous IG Farben cartel, together with Bayer, Hoechst (today Aventis) and some smaller chemical companies. Nevertheless, we took the interest of BASF to study these documents as an additional confirmation of the authenticity and relevance of the information on this website.

Sarkozy and Bush escalate the international crisis

On August 11, 2007, newly elected French president Sarkozy visited George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush in their summer residence in Kennebunkport. While beaming into the cameras of the world’s press, the 45 minute one-on-one conversation between the two presidents had a much more sobering focus: Iran. The spirit of the discussion was reflected 48 hours later when the Bush administration announced their plan to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. This would have been the first time that part of the official army of a sovereign state was qualified as terrorists – a step that had one purpose only: to further aggravate the tensions with Iran.

Sarkozy and Bush announce World War III to the world

On September 16, 2007, the Sarkozy administration announced to a stunned world audience that they are ready to launch World War III. As mentioned above, when putting this information online, we knew that the forces exposed would have to take decisive steps to stop the further dissemination of this information – including the provocation of a nuclear holocaust and the ensuing complete control over the media, information transfer and the internet. Thus, the bold announcement of French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner that France is ready to launch World War III did not come as a surprise. The only question for us was, who would make the first move: the Bush or the Sarkozy administration. On September 16, 2007, we received the answer.

Not since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 had the world been closer to a nuclear war. In two countries, the U.S. and France, political stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel had direct access to nuclear strike capabilities – and to the red button to drive the world into the abyss.

Orchestrating a World Economic Crisis

A nuclear holocaust is the only way for the survival of the fraudulent pharmaceutical investment business. That does not mean, however, that the stakeholders of the pharmaceutical drug cartel are not trying to orchestrate other international crises, below the level of WWIII with the very same goal: global distraction of the media and public attention away from the explosive information on this website and the criminal past of this cartel.

Orchestrating a global economic crisis, for example, would be one such scenario.

Notably, therefore, immediately after the publication of this website in July 2007, we noticed the regular visits of an organization by the name of Fannie Mae that spent an almost equal amount of time studying this website as had BASF. We knew, of course, that Fannie Mae stood for Federal National Mortgage Association and that it was a US financial institution. But, little did we know that they were the centerpiece of the sub-prime mortgage business in the USA; and even less could we anticipate that precisely this organization – Fannie Mae together with its sister institution Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) would soon become the centerpiece of the largest financial crisis since the 1930s.

What we know today is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were dubious financial institutions operating for years without any accountability. Fannie Mae, in fact, was named the ‘Enron’ of the financial business. What we also know is that these lending institutions are guaranteed by the Federal Reserve board and that the Federal Reserve is not actually a Federal institution but a private club in financial circles controlled by Rockefeller and Rothschild.

And these two names bring us right back to those stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel that inherited the shares of the IG Farben cartel after WWII. And one thing is sure: if there are financial groups in the world who had a decisive interest in hiding the records of the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal against the oil and drug cartel, then it was they.

Based on these facts, we are allowed to ask the following question: could it be that those financial groups that built their current status as the stewards of the world economy have deliberately started to orchestrate a global economic crisis that, with the tools available to them, is being escalated dependent on how desperately they need public distraction from the criminal past of the oil and drug cartel?

In the news:
"Treasury Acts to Save Mortgage Giants" (New York Times / July 14, 2008)
"As Loan Giants Are Inspected, Bush Prods Congress" (New York Times / July 22, 2008)
"At Freddie Mac, Chief Discarded Warning Signs" (New York Times / August 5, 2008)
"US Government takes over mortgage giants" (Yahoo! News / September 7, 2008)
"Candidates weigh in on stabilizing Fannie, Freddie" (Yahoo! News / September 7, 2008)
"Fannie, Freddie disclose subpoenas, investigations" (Yahoo! News / September 30, 2008)
"Freddie Mac exec faced high stress after takeover" (Chicago Sun-Times / April 24, 2009)


Exposing the background of Sarkozy in the New York Times

Announcement in the New York Times, November 6, 2007.

On November 6 and 7, 2007, French president Sarkozy had scheduled his first trip to Washington. Prior to this visit, both the Bush and Sarkozy administrations had escalated their rhetoric about their willingness to launch World War III. Political analysts expected this meeting to be the decisive coordinating meeting before a joint nuclear attack on Iran would be launched by the U.S. and France.

On November 5, 2007, in an alarming editorial, the New York Times admonished the Bush administration to immediately stop its propaganda campaign about World War III and return to a responsible form of government.

On November 6, 2007, the day before Sarkozy addressed a joint session of U.S. Congress, we placed public information in the New York Times about his background. This public information service was addressed "To the People of America – to the Governments of the World Represented at the UN" and entitled "Why Sarkozy and Bush Need World War III".

This short informative text lifted the veil of Mr. Sarkozy as the new "transatlantic friend" of the Bush / Cheney administration and presented him to the world as what he really is: a politician who serves the same corporate interests as Bush – the international oil and drug cartel. For details please click here.

16 U.S. Secret Service Organizations Pull the Plug
Out of the Bush / Sarkozy Plans for World War III.

In early December, in a surprise move, 16 U.S. secret service organizations unanimously pulled the plug from these nuclear attack plans in the U.S. and France, by informing an astonished White House and world audience that Iran had abandoned its military nuclear ambitions years ago.

Unprecedentedly, George Bush learned about this amazing fact at the same time the media did. This is hardly a coincidence. It rather suggests that responsible forces within these secret services knew about the danger of an imminent nuclear attack by the U.S. (and France) and had to make sure that the nuclear trigger was not being pushed in a desperate last move before the hands of the White House would be tied by the impact of this information on world opinion.

Whether the information on this “profit over life” website was instrumental in alarming these secret services to act in such a decisive way and to pull the plug from a U.S. launch of WWIII in December 2007 will have to be judged by historians. Nevertheless, the fact is that the CIA and other secret services are regularly visiting this site.

We note with some relief that the most immediate threat that we had anticipated when publishing this critical information online – the risk of triggering WWIII – has been avoided for now.

Of course, this does not mean that the threat is over.

Nazi archives finally made public

The impact of the publication of this website could also be felt in other areas. For example, those governments and governmental institutions that had been involved in hiding the massive amount of documents about the background of World War II were suddenly forced to give up their blockade after more than six decades.

On November 28, 2007, only 3 months after the publication of the profit-over-life website, CNN and other international news agencies reported the dimension of the cover up: “more than 50 million pages and over 16 linear miles of grey metal filing cabinets” about Nazi crimes.

We welcome the release of these documents after 60 long years of being hidden away in German archives. We do not exclude that the publication of this “profit over life” website has helped to finally turn the locks of the vaults that were hiding these 50 million pages of crimes committed by the Nazi/IG Farben coalition.

While the release of these records is important, a word of caution is in order. The government primarily responsible for locking away these files for more than two generations was the German government – the same authority that ultimately supervises the files to be released.

Miraculously, even before the official release, some already know that “the records are unlikely to change the general story of the Holocaust and the Nazi era,” i.e. that a group of Nazi gangsters tried to conquer the world – and the world’s largest chemical cartel, Germany’s IG Farben, were innocent bystanders.

Surprised? Not really. BASF and other IG Farben successors have again become flagships of Germany ’s economy today. Moreover, without the political and financial support of Germany ’s post war oil and drug cartel, neither Helmut Kohl nor Angela Merkel would have ascended to the German chancellery.

So, while we encourage everyone to look at the 16 linear miles of files to be released, don’t hold your breath until you read the word’s “IG Farben”, “BAYER”, “BASF” or any other corporate names of the oil and drug cartel behind WWII.

In light of these facts, we consider it our responsibility to continue dedicating this website to the corporate background of WWII. This exposure of the paramount corporate interests behind global conflicts and wars is a precondition that these interests can never again ignite our planet.

With the words of Telford Taylor, we emphasize that only if those responsible for these unspeakable crimes are brought to light will mankind be able to prevent World War III.

German Prosecutors Overturn Nazi-Reichstags fire Judgement

On January 10, 2008, the judgement in the Reichstag fire trial was officially overturned by German prosecutors. We do not think that it was a coincidence that this infamous verdict was finally nullified – after 75 years.

The Reichstag (the German parliament building) was set on fire on February 27, 1933, by the Nazis themselves. This arson served as a pretext for the Nazi/IG Farben-coalition to enact the already prepared Enabling Laws, the legal construct for 12 years of brutal dictatorship.

In a propaganda trial, Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch Jew was blamed for the arson, sentenced to death and executed. More information can be found here, here and here.

At the same time the propaganda trial was orchestrated by the Nazis in Germany, an independent counter trial started in London. The 1933 counter trial lasted one week and declared van der Lubbe "not guilty". This trial exposed the Nazi regime, but could not save the life of the innocent van der Lubbe.

It took 75 years and the growing pressure – and ultimately the publication of the corporate background of the Reichstag fire and the Nazi regime on this website – to overturn this scandalous Nazi verdict.

Global Share Crash Covers Plans for Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike

Guardian frontpage, January 22, 2008 Black Monday: recession fears spark global share crash Nuclear

On January 22, 2008, British newspaper “The Guardian” published two stories on its front page: one presented a proposed new NATO strategy involving pre-emptive nuclear strikes; the other – the “headline” story – dealt with a fall on global share markets, which it described as being fuelled by “fears” – despite the fact that no rational occurance would appear to have preceded it…

At least no obvious one, anyway, as the more explosive of the two stories – describing how five of the west's most senior military officers and strategists have written a new NATO manifesto demanding pre-emptive nuclear strikes as a key policy option – was displayed significantly less prominently than the main headline and relegated to a mere sidebar.

According to the five commanders - four of whom are representatives of leading pharmaceutical export nations, namely the USA, France, UK and Germany - the west’s values and way of life are now under threat. Particularly noteworthy in this respect is the fact that they perceive the United Nations, NATO and the European Union to be “weakening”. To deal with this, their demands include the use of force without UN security council authorization and a new pact drawing the US, European Union and NATO together.

In light of these developments, and the knowledge that this proposed new NATO manifesto has already been presented to the Pentagon in Washington, we are compelled to ask the following question: to what lengths are the nefarious financial interest groups and military representatives of leading pharmaceutical export nations prepared to go in order to distract the world’s attention away from the criminal history of the oil and drug cartel?

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