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This website exposes the pharmaceutical and petrochemical investment business (the oil and drug cartel) as corporate criminals responsible for WWII. Today, these industries combined are by far the largest and most profitable investment business in the world. Their political stakeholders are the leaders of just about every industrialized nation on the planet.

When publishing this explosive information, hidden away for six decades, we were fully aware that we would seriously challenge these interests – and we knew they would react. Their goal had to be to effectively suppress the global spreading of this information.

We also discussed the options available to these interest groups to reach this goal. While censorship of the internet was one of the options we considered open to them, we arrived at the conclusion that the only way that this devastating information could be blocked from reaching the corners of the world would be a complete and global information blackout about anything even remotely connected with these facts.

It was clear to us that such a comprehensive blackout would not be possible in democratic countries during peacetime. The only possibility for such comprehensive censorship of information of this magnitude would be a state of war with martial laws being applied. Due to the nature of the internet, reaching the corners of the world within seconds, this censorship had to be implemented and enforced on a worldwide scale. The only possibility to create such a scenario for the stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel would be to deliberately launch a nuclear attack or start WIII.

With this sobering analysis behind us, we were waiting when that would happen and who among the stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel would light the first match.

This website was announced to the world on July 20, 2007 in the New York Times Only two months later, on September 20, 2007, the stakeholders of the cartel reacted and declared WWIII: French president Sarkozy and his ‘brother in arms’ Bernard Kouchner declared WWIII to a stunned global audience. The pretext they chose was the Iranian nuclear program.

In an unprecedented frivolous manner they publicly proclaimed the unthinkable: the launch of WWIII, a nuclear holocaust, deliberately initiated by two western nuclear powers. While the rest of the world was guessing whether these open threats were meant as rhetoric threats - we knew that they are real.

The survival of the pharmaceutical industry needs WWIII. This sobering analysis deserves a short explanation: the publication of this website exposes not only the criminal past of the oil and drug cartel, but also the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical investment business today: the trillion dollar drug industry parades as the exclusive purveyor of health, while a sixteen year old child understands that the entire existence of this business depends upon the continuation of diseases as multi-billion dollar markets for their patented drugs. (

Moreover, as these court records document, the concentration camps of Auschwitz were the birthplace of many of today’s global drug markets, including the multi-billion dollar markets of toxic ‘chemotherapy’ later applied to millions of cancer and AIDS patients. (

Even before the announcement by Sarkozy and Kouchner of WWIII the publication of this website had triggered a myriad of amazing reactions by a variety of stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel in politics, media and other parts of society. Since this website is not only designed to display the records of a time gone by, we consider it our duty to publish these reactions as a part of the education effort. We are convinced that the only way mankind can prevent WWIII is by understanding the corporate background of WWII.

To help readers of this website to better understand today’s relevance of these trial records; to identify today’s stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel and ultimately to help prevent WWIII, we decided to establish:

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