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Key Documents

Origin of “Brussels EU”

In the previous chapter, we introduced the blueprint of the “Brussels EU” on the drawing boards of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition.

In this section of the website, we present some of the “founding fathers” of the “Brussels EU”. All of them are individuals deeply rooted in IG Farben’s military attempt to conquer Europe and the world in WWII, and who miraculously survived the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal to become the architects and “founding fathers” of the “Brussels EU”.

From Auschwitz to Brussels

The Oil and Drug Cartel’s Third Attempt to Seize Political and Economic Control over Ireland and All of Europe. Meet the “Founding Fathers” of the “Brussels EU” – a Lesson in History for the supporters of the Lisbon Treaty.

Europe in the Making

Click here and here to see excerpts from a book written by Walter Hallstein in 1969. Following his career as a prominent law professor under the Nazis, Hallstein became the key architect of the unelected European Commission and, for ten years, its first President. His book, entitled 'Europe in the Making', describes how the European Community's machinery was developed in such a way that "the Commission is entrusted with what virtually amounts to a monopoly in taking the initiative in all matters affecting the Community." Moreover, giving a prophetic hint of what the Lisbon Treaty would effectively be intended to accomplish almost forty years later, he specifically states that the few exceptions to this rule "ought to be removed at the earliest opportunity," and that "the Commission should eventually be empowered to take all measures necessary for the implementation of the Treaty on its own authority, without having to rely on special and specific approval by the Council of Ministers."

Is Ireland the Only Remaining Democracy in Europe?

Why Brussels' EU is Already Doomed While some European politicians are still trying to sell the new EU Treaty to the people as the foundation for a bright, democratic future for Europe, the entire construct of Brussels’ EU is already doomed. No political body portrayed as “democratic” can survive the following facts.

IG Farben’s plan for a “new order” for Europe and the World. 

In the summer of 1940, after the IG Farben/Nazi coalition had conquered half of Europe and France had just capitulated, IG Farben wrote its now infamous memoranda concerning the “new order” of Europe under the coalition’s control. The memorandum of July 20 reads: “We assume that a greater sphere Europe will be created under German leadership…which represents an economic bloc with possibly a later customs and currency union.” As the most important instrument to rule Europe, this memorandum continues: “For the entire European sphere under German leadership, a unified patent law should be created, the further development of which would be exclusively reserved for German legislators.”

This, precisely, is the objective of the ‘Brussels EU’ – with one minor modification: As a result of having lost WWII, the cartel’s political stakeholders are no longer based in Germany alone but also operate from other key chemical, drug and oil export countries, such as France and Great Britain.

Article by Dr. Rath about the Plans of the Brussels EU

This article reveals the plans of the interest groups, who have been ruthlessly seeking to monopolize health, food and energy supplies, for 2009 – particularly as they relate to its plan to turn Europe into a corporate dictatorship under the stranglehold of the chemical/drug and oil Cartel. In short, the “Brussels EU” is being strategically developed as the “politburo” of the “Icarus Sect” and as a bridgehead for the global expansion plans of the Cartel.

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