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Photo Gallery: 1925-1933

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To accomplish its ultimate goal, the control of the world’s chemical, pharmaceutical and oil market, the IG Farben executives knew that they had to start a new world war. What has been known as “World War II” should be more appropriate entitled “IG Farben’s Global Conquest War”.

The IG Farben executives also knew that the preparation for this war would not be possible in a democracy. They knew that for this plan to succeed, they needed to turn German democracy into a dictatorship. Towards this end, they supported not only the Nazi party, but specifically sponsored the formation of storm troopers, or “brown shirts” (in German: Sturmabteilung or short SA).

The SA storm troopers paraded as the element of “law and order”, while their real assignment was to bring violence to the streets and cities of Germany . They vandalized the stores of Jews and other minorities, beat up political opponents and spread fear and terror throughout German democracy.

The plan to present these hooligans as elements of “law and order”, would never had succeeded without the IG Farben cartel not, simultaneously, also instrumentalizing German mass media for their purpose. After every street riot and “Crystal Night” these media would hail the Nazi / SA – hooligans as liberators and freedom fighters and distinguish these outlaws and criminals as elements of “law and order”.

This heinous strategy had several devastating effects. First, it confused the citizens of Germany about the true assignment of the SA to topple German democracy. Secondly, it paralyzed the great majority of German people making them susceptible to the call for a “strong man”. Thirdly, it desensitized them to accept violence as an element of daily life and a tool to accomplish political goals. This last effect was then used by the Nazi / IG Farben coalition psychological preparation of the German people for their war.

The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against IG Farben and other war criminals comprehensively document the strategic, financial and logistical support of the German oil and drug cartel for these storm troopers against democracy.

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